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Last night’s match was very enjoyable. The opposing captain was late so I didn’t get to meet him afterward. We filed into court #1, #3 and #5 (bit odd .. oh well..) without exchanging the lineup sheet.
The vibe on the court was positively joyful and we played with great enthusiasm. I served really well but one double fault, made all my overheads (odd too bec I’m lousy at it), and didn’t miss too much volley.
The opposing team’s girl was bit nervous at the match who played well during the subsequent sets when the match was over. She has a pair of endless long legs and made good overheads smashes. For some reason, Kai lost control and accidentally hit her couple of times. We, I felt bad but she was very gracious about it. I knew the feeling when I hit some one. It’s always unintentional but due to my skill that I don’t really have a good control of the ball. In any case, she showed cheerfulness and joked about getting even.
I need to learn how to win a closely contested matches!!

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