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Jim wrote to me..

Jim Courier wrote to me to thank me, can you image that? Not only him but Mary Joe Fernandez, the U.S. Fed Cup Captain too. Can you image that? OMG .. I can’t sleep tonight.

Thank You For Being a Captain!

Dear Irene,

On behalf of the United States Tennis Association, we’d like to thank you for being a USTA League Captain. Congratulations on the completion of your local league season! Please accept this Certificate of Appreciation as recognition of your service and dedication to our great game.

We hope you have found your role as a USTA League Captain enjoyable and rewarding. As captains, we know the effort it takes to lead a team, but we hope you share our passion and are already looking forward to continuing your role as a League Captain in the upcoming year.

Thank you again for your efforts in promoting and developing the growth of tennis throughout the United States—now and in years to come.


Mary Joe Fernandez
U.S. Fed Cup Captain
Dan James
World Team Cup Captain
Jim Courier
U.S. Davis Cup Captain

Ya right.
Word is cheap .. is this a common phase ? IF it is then I felt exact that word is very cheap. How about try to improve the service and make some necessary changes?

Anyway, I played a pretty good game this afternoon, won a close set at 7:5 against two guys with David. That was some set. I’ve never played with David before and he didn’t talk at all. So it’s just me out there swinging. I couldn’t hold serve from the beginning – the guys just killed it … but then I was able to hold to serve out the first set – I was thrilled. We went on to win the second set at 2. Our time was up (1.5-hour) after two sets so we played on to play the third set, knowing we could be off court any minute. Luckily we got to finish the third set which we lost.

2/27: Our 5th match gone well – well, bit more competition would have been nice BUT no one could predict what’s going to happen on a given day! I double faulted on the first game. Our opponents were really nice and very positive. I especially like the girl who’s great forehand and first serve was lethal, it’s her personality that’s endearing.

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