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Lou’s first dinner

Louis got elected to be the president of CatsNY, few board members George, Jonathan, Power, John, etc each contributed $1k for seeding. This is his first dinner at Mellie’s, with 3 tables at $40 pp. The dishes were pretty good compare to other times. More pix on FB and piwigo

The court jesters entertainers Tony, Mark and Jeff, etc., multi-talented group of players.

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CatsNY and ACS

The tourney was scheduled on Saturday April 25 but due to inclement weather, the CatsNY was able to postpone to Sunday 4/26 from 10 out door courts to 10 indoor courts. We were informed on 4/22. NTC has only 12 indoor courts and I was really surprised that the CatsNY could do in such short period of time.

I teamed up with Dick, two loses and one win. It’s 8 games per set no ad. Lum and Wah took the trophy. Congratulations.

Mingder Chang was on hand.

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