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Something about usta

The match ups and regulations are finally reached us only two days before the playoffs.
Eng vs. Vogt
Kim vs. Rowe

The league coordinator once said dealing with USTA is enormous headache because they’re just very difficult to deal with .. wrote


First, thank you so much for your patience and understanding while we worked on the National Tennis Center scheduling mistake.

First off, our league is an extensions of the USTA, even IF it isn’t but we are the solid fan base for the sports, why can’t the USTA treat us with courtesy and respect? Last week, I played in a tourney ran jointly by CatsNY and ACS that was able to swiftly changed to indoor the day after due to inclement weather forecast, with same number of courts, 3 days prior. I was thinking, geeee .. 10 courts (usta only has 12 indoor courts), 3 days and they could do it. BUT as the league, the usta can not accommodate us in any way?

This past January I had my birthday party at USTA. Dealing with them was an unpleasant experience as if the organization is run by a group of incompetents. Numerous meaningless emails had exchanged, and vast of them were due to non reply and or informing me of whose job it actually was. One day was J and next was D, or might be T ..

I didn’t realized they had over charged me till I did my credit bills. So more calls later, a refund was issued but it posted actually as a debt. I called again. Aside learned more staff names (non of them returned my call ..) nothing happened. I should have just called up Amex and dispute the charge. It was resolved on 3/25.

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