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How could she know?

Two New York cops raped a drunken woman. I heard it a while ago on radio while driving. And the story just won’t die, kept on coming back. So my info is all from the radio whenever it coincide my driving. I remembered first the reporting was she was so drunk that her friends put her into a cab from a bar.

my 2nd widowhood ..

My first reaction, IF she was so drunk, how could she know? Being a woman I sympathize her, but my second thought was … how could she get to that point without a safety net, like a friend who would and could get her home/bed safely?

Next news I heard of her was she wore a wire and confront the cop and he admitted that he wore a condom.
How on earth could she identify the cop IF she was so drunk? And the case moved so fast!

The lady who sued McDonald‘s because its coffee burned her came to mind. Oh, the finger lady (who claimed she found a finger in Wendy’s chilli) too.

Golfer plays 2-4 times a week ..

Just the other day, the news came that the two cops, one did rape and the other was the lookout, Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata Got Off. Golfer happens to be on the same team with the attorney defending the New York Finest. He got rounds of applause in the locker room.

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A lonely planet

手舞足蹈  dancing
The season opening for the ladies 3.5, my first time playing with girls, all girls nothing but girls. Ya !!!

I’ve known the captain Cheung for more than a decade and play with him from time to time, always in doubles. But for whatever the reason, he thinks I can play singles. Not sure his brain is functioning. Thinking how my team treated me as captain over the years, so I told him, IF no one is willing, then I’ll do whatever and whenever, 两肋插刀 short of 上刀山下火海.
The night before I confessed to Simon as we were hitting that I might have to play singles. He just laughed and said,
“我不懂了.” In Simonism, it means you got to be kidding = can not lah.

We gathered at the lobby and I met the teammates for the first time but I either knew them or played against them. Few I met through Susan who has a huge net work of tennis girls. I’ve got to get on her good side so she’ll include me too. Be nice to her! Few were on opposing teams. So it’s a big happy incestuous family after all.

Walking out to the out door courts that are dark and dead is a new experience to me. And taking up the whole court is another new experience to me. Like I’m totally alone and lost out there! The dark sky didn’t help either. Our matches begin at 9pm, the upper classmen classwomen, the 4.0 do the 7pm shift. I didn’t give the court assignment any thoughts because I’m just a player.

The courts 6 and 7 were being used by schools and we decided that they should move (the coach did ask if we would move to another court). My opponent played my first doubles team few times, and it’s a draw for the last two times they met.

Once the match started, I found myself totally lost out there, didn’t know what to do after serving. No one was around to instruct and cover me.. 🙁 Cheung must forget that few matches I won was due to my partner! Okay, make the humiliating long story short, I could join Lance Legstrong with one wheel: I got a bagel in the first and managed to win 2 games in the second. She hit line after line after line and no one was around to cover it. After the game, she flattered me: the scores don’t reflect it .. A long time ago, when I first picked up tennis, I lost to a good player who said “you’re very consistent” after my disastrous lost to her. Now I have two good lines to use when the situation calls for it. See, something good comes out of a embarrassment failure.
Anyway, I need to learn how to play singles. This, by no mean that I’m volunteering. I did not and I am not going to, but would do whatever the team needs.
Ok, enough for my singles début, let’s talk about the more important stuff. Thanks to Kai and Wah cheering us on and for the pictures. The skipper and teammates are very encouraging.

My teammates comforted me by saying that my opponent is the best in the league,

“We’ll get her next time.”

My Chinglish is so poor, I interpreted it as, we’ll get her to our team next time …

“Oh .. that’s a long wait .. next season?”

“No .. we’ll beat her next time.”


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