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Day 2 at US Open 2011 Blake

James Blake won in 4 sets

someone ..

you go girl

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Night 2 at 2011 US Open: Petra Martic

First round match, women singles Petra Martic vs Bardora Zahlavova. Martic looks like a well put together girl, carries herself confidently; on the skinny side thou. She lost first set 5-7. So the third set was contentious. It’s a comfortable win for her, even when she served out the match, see below.

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Day 2 at 2011 US Open: Nadal

I was split second slow, didn’t catch the famous motion/fuss
The big dude was sitting on the steps when we got to our seat. He yelled, screamed the loudest. Then next set, he sat in front of us and was very quiet. We left when Andrey Golubev was leading in the third set. Golubev has a wonderful single hand backhand, however, he wasn’t able to hold on, lost the match to Raf 6-3, 7-6 (1), 7-5, in 2 hours 49 minutes.

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