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2012 matches

The 2012 Manh

the new Head, 10/21/2011
Date weekday time, Location; Home Team-Opp Team

  1. 13 Nov Sun 7:30, RIRC; Dawes: 0-3
  2. 29-Nov Tue 8:00pm, Westside; Rosenberg: 3-0
  3. 4-Dec Sun 6:00pm, Roosevelt IslandHartley/Huang: 2-1
  4. 8-Dec Thu 8:30pm, Westside; Coe/Ghosh: 3-0
  5. 15-Dec Thu 8:00pm, Westside; Linderman: 2-1
  6. 3-Jan Tue 9:30pm Roosevelt Island; Kende/Vogt: 0.5-2.5
  7. 18-Jan Wed 9:30pm, Roosevelt Island; McConway/Cossa: 3-0
  8. 31-Jan Tue 9:00pm, CityView; Seltzer: 1.5-1.5


Flight playoff between top four teams; 1st place team plays 4th place team; 2nd place team plays 3rd place team; winners advance to semi-final where 1st place team plays 2nd place team in other division. Those winners play off for district championship; winner advances to regional championship. Flight playoff dates are February 7 & 8. As an extension to the local season, teams will be responsible for court cost by paying additional match fees.

  • Flight Playoff: Westside, Feb 7, 8pm Div I vs Kende/Vogt; quarter final – one round (Feb 8 for Div II) – court fees are required
  • District Championship: NTC, Mar 3 Semi and Final (possible two rounds)
  • Regional (Metro) Championship: NTC, May
  • Eastern Section Championship: Schenectady, (June, first Fri-Sun)
  • National Championship:

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