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2011 Friend At Court Book

324 pages tome of rules! Do we weekend hackers need it? It sells for US$6.95, Sale Price: $4.99. Please call (800) 677-0275 for a quantity discount on orders of 10 or more.
2011 Friend at Court Book

The USTA Handbook for Tennis Officials, Tournament Administrators, and Players is an indispensable book that addresses just about every possible situation that can arise on a tennis court. Friend at Court includes:

  • The Official 2011 ITF Rules of Tennis
  • ITF Cases and Decisions
  • USTA Comments on the ITF Rules of Tennis
  • The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches
  • USTA Tournament Regulations & Officiating Regulations
  • Friend at Court Comments on USTA Regulations
  • The Intercollegiate Tennis Association Rules, Regulations, and Tournament Procedures
  • USTA Emergency Care Guidelines
  • Glossary of Tennis Terms
  • Pages: 306

Updated from 2010, the 2011 Rules of Tennis and 2011 Friend at Court contain updates pertaining to:

  • 10 and under competition play
  • Wheelchair tennis rules
  • Call-making procedures
  • Withdrawal Procedures
  • Requesting officials during play procedures
  • And more

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