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An unfair call

Islanders lost their game in over time to San Jose Sharks 2-3. The refs, four of them on the ice made a terrible call resulting the winning goal scored in the power ensuing play. During the game, the tv station showed Darius Kasparaitis among few players of 1993 team that’s being honored tonight. 1993 was the last great year Islanders had had – they almost made to the Stanley Cup playoff. We watched it in a bar in Newport (Rhode Island). They played well and beat Mario Lemieux and his Pittsburgh Penguins. Some accomplishment.

During the the game, the station [tv] showed few clips of Darius Kasparaitis beating Super Mario. When Mario got up on his feet, Darius threw more pouches at him. Mario is a good head taller than Darius. I had to laugh. Darius was a good player but he was mostly known for his fight, a goon who shadowed Mario. Even in the fight, and was pushed down on the ice, Mario didn’t loss his cool and didn’t return a single pouch. The divider separate a great player from good player?

Golfer is pretty mad at the lose, said he’s too upset to eat when I offered him a cake.

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