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The Queens 2012 captains’ meeting

It’s my 4th captain’s meeting (2010 Queens, 2011 Manhattan and Queens, 2012 Manhattan) and the most combative one so far.

The girls Pam and Deb addresses few issues that concern me.

  1. Reschedule. One captain at the meeting forcefully complained that the league never consulted him for the given [new] date that might put him at disadvantage. Few captains voiced the rule .. that should you couldn’t make it, the initiator will forfeit. The forceful captain said, “.. then what IS the point of making every one work extra?” Why didn’t they forfeit the court to begin with?? I couldn’t agree more with him. Deb said, if you want to do away with rescheduling, we’re happy to oblige.
  2. Money. The economy isn’t good and it affects the little tennis community too. Pam the treasurer said she’s seen the teams’ pay record with entries like $30, $60, .. she stretched out her two arms, one over her head and one was below her knees, to describe the difficulty some teams face in collecting payment. This is totally new to me. I think I’m fortunate in that regard becasue my mates were and are very cooperative and never needs to be reminded for payment. My way has been asking if anyone wishes to pay on their own as soon as the online pay begin or pay me at each match. I’ve been paying the balance. My preference is they pay online. But my attitude is, I’m a near poor but short of $30 won’t set me poorer. SO, if the mates remember to pay, it’s great. If they forget, no big deal – I trust people. The 2012 Manhattan league has few new players and they all paid online long before the first match. SO I’m fortunate and grateful.
  3. Referrals. The league refers players who are looking for a team or two to join, and the league expect feedback. IF the player is new or unknown for problem, they will be refer to us. There are players who bug them often but never actually join, or they always give captain a hard time, they don’t get referred. This league is really a small world and people talk to each other. I made friends and look forward to seeing them on court or at the meetings.

Pam also mentioned that economy isn’t good but the tennis clubs are doing great (How could that be? She didn’t elaborate. Perhaps doves of Petes, Andres, Serenas and Venues are in training?! OR unemployment rate is high .. .. so the stay homers go to play tennis. I are really smart!), that’s why the increa$e of court fee from 2011 $29 to $30 in 2012.

Talking about money: there are couple of players we wanted to have. But ultimately it’s the court fees that prevent them. The husband said it costs him only in single digit to play at NTC. So no to the league. Never mind the league is more about team work and camaraderie than dollar$ and cent$.

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