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You can play with Irene

My porcelain skinned girl friend Jin has been playing tennis with … … Simon. Upon hearing this news, my first reaction is: are you kidding me?! First of all, she doesn’t do any sport and probably thinks a drop shot is a shot of eye drops. Second of all, … well, I get it: he loves tennis so much that he’ll do anything to be on the court.

Jin is clearly enjoying it. She diligently gets up at 7 AM, together with Tina, Jenny, etc., the 2.0 – 2.5 wives, playing or taking lessons from him. No wonder Simon never misses a day of work with us – now the weather is cool, we don’t start till 10 or 11. After through with us, he’ll head to Crochron park in the afternoon.

She told me ..

Simon says, “If you work hard at it, and improve a little more, you can play with Irene!”

Oh boy, since when playing with Irene is a goal? Oh, I get it too: Irene sucks -:)

Btw, Jenny’s husband is a solid 4.0. Any way, Jin confirms: Simon drinks, smokes, talks non stop.



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