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The ring

As a small group, we set a few rules. One of them is tardiness: if you’re not ready to play by 15 minutes past the starting time, you need to play $15 penalty.

Luckily the players in our group are all very respectful and punctual. Since October 2012 we’ve had 28 events, I only encountered two players who were visibly late. One of them was last twice in a row: the week before was wrong location and yesterday, was stuck in the city and ended up 1.5 hours late in a 2-hour long match. The $15 penalty was meant to reimburse the three suffering players – now what would I do when there are six victims (we switch court by half time)?

It’s very stressful for me as an organizer, knowing three nice souls weren’t having a good match. I double faulted 100 times – definitely not my own skill -:). Anyway, Mr. Tardiness did not want to pay the penalty and I did not like confrontation. So I removed him from our list. Maybe I should thank him for not paying – it would have been mathematically challenging for me to make the reimbursement fair.

The super bowl turned out to be pretty exciting .. but what’s more exciting .. someone is wearing a new ring. Wedding bell soon? O M G !!! Congratulations!!!

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