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A good Friday

We swept, all in 3rd set tiebreaks. Too close!

This text message came in at 10:27, as I’ve just finished with my practice at GNE. It’s a double joy: I lost the entire night till the very last set – won in tie break. (lost to Fab/Darling 6-2 and was on serve {or down a break?} the second set when time was up. The second hour Sam and I lost to Tino/Roy at 4 – I double faulted to give the set away …)

Congratulations kids!

What a relief. It’s such a nice way to start the weekend.

[at the match] when I looked over [other two courts], you don’t want to know what I was thinking: we all lost the 1st set. [That’s] Put a lot of pressure on me to win. I thot Lum was getting crushed. 2D had a fight, and the 21 y/o girl was outstanding.  .. .. my opponents knew how to attack Sachi n push her around.

The text and emails kept rolling in ..

My longest match. We had exactly 10 min for 3 set tiebrk…it was 9:50 p.m..

Before the match, the opposing captain asked Wai should they play till finish or stick to 2-hour limit? Wai opted 2-hour. Oh well.

What’s happened on 2D? What kind of fight?

Trash talking in the heat, neither one wud back off. I didn’t want to get involved and neither did the other captain.

Like what?

Small stuff, [our girl] vs the guy. Pete told me after .. the guy kept cheating on calls.

That’s very unfortunate. Actually, the 2D was on the same 2010 team with me ( .. I’d 2-5 record. The only two wins were with Michael.)

.. the match was a positive experience. I was worried in the beginning since I never got the chance to practice with Lum. It was so crazy that I never played with her or played against her nor even seen her play…But we both put our heads together in the second set to rally back and win the game in a super tie brake. 🙂

.. She’s mentioned that she barely had any experience in the 8.0 level and I have to say she picked up her game in the second set and especially in the tie brake. She was solid like a wall considering our opponent just picked on her all night. The man and woman were relentless to win and their strategy was to break Irene down. Give her credit for pulling out this win! It was all her contribution that we won. 🙂

My kids are the best! And I’m sure Wah must be smiling like a Santa -:).

Early in the day, the USTA Eastern held a webinar on team management. It’s very helpful.

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The mandarin ducks

Feb 27, 2013

Feb 27, 2013

There is a pair of guys who always come to swim together. One is skinny with curly hair and one stocky with crew cut. They do laps but often they like to chat while parallel kicking with a board. It’s fine in an empty lane, or with a slow swimmer who does everything except free style – they can see. BUT it’s annoying and dangerous when people doing laps in free. I walked to the lane, the three (one lady) were all doing laps. Both side lanes had two slow swimmers which made circling impossible. One guy was on desk striping, getting ready to swim. As courtesy, I informed all of them that I’m going to join the lane. One of the guys asked,
“Why can’t you join the other lane ..?”
“I prefer this lane.” I replied. One of the side lane would soon have threesome too.
About a dozen laps later, I bumped someone. And bumped someone again on my way back. This was too frequent. I took off my goggles at the end, and saw the two leisurely paralleling down the lane. The lady was still doing her laps in free style.
Hey guys, please have some common courtesy??

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