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Sabres vs Columbus Blue Jackets

The female singer began to sing. For a minute or two I was wondering what the hell she was doing out there. Then it hit me, it’s Canadian national anthem. Hmmmmm … two American teams are playing on their own soil. Something. Maybe Buffalo is so close to Canada, and/or the Canadians’ hold on ice hockey.

Sabres' home

Sabres’ home

More pix. On national anthem, believe me, no one has it better than China and USA. I’ve hard time to decide the March of the Volunteers is better or the Star Spangled Banner Flag is better. The Little Brothers’ is so lame.

Buffalo Sabres gives up a goal in less than two minutes by the goal tender Miller who was on the USA Olympic team – yes he was the goal tender who gave Sidney Crosby’s gold medal wining goal. Other then Miller Sabres doesn’t really have anyone. Oh well. They tied the score at 1 soon after but was defenseless and lost the game 4-1.

Sabres doesn’t have ice chicks. Reportedly Charles Wang started using bikini clayed girls to clean the ice and other teams soon followed. Guess Buffalo isn’t a flashy city -:)
The First Niagara Center (Sabres’ home turf) is so much nicer than the dilapidated Nassau Coliseum.

US$180 with player, $120 without (right)

US$180 with player, $120 without (right)

I spotted Pat LaFontaine (1983-1998, who played for Islanders, Sabres and Rangers) #16 jersey in the crowds. I think the Islanders didn’t want to pay Pat (… he refused to play .. ) so he was traded to Sabres in 1991 but finished his career with the Rangers. He now lives on Long Island.

From wiki:

The Islanders continued to struggle and in 1989, they missed the playoffs for the first time since 1974. In the first game of the Islanders’ next playoff series, in 1990, LaFontaine suffered the first of many concussions, after a controversial, open-ice hit by James Patrick of the New York Rangers. He fell on his head and was unconscious while being taken off the ice on a stretcher. The ambulance he took was delayed en route to the hospital by Ranger fans who rocked and pounded it as it left Madison Square Garden.[1] He was lost for the remainder of the series.

Beer any one?

Beer any one?

Our dinner at Sun was so so.

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