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A little desperate

2014 Manhattan league’s captains meeting changed venue from Long Island City bar to Cityview. A good up grade. The long lounge looked bit vacant, food was pretty good. Before the meeting, we were forced to listen to the club’s sale pitch. $100 per month membership fee, no initiation fee … A few captains near me said it’s NOT a good deal and one capt even said 13 of his mates, not a single one would take up this offer.


Roster refunds are only given out at the meeting and will be distributed to the Captains/Co-Captains on record.

Because of last season refund issue, I paid a little tension this time. The $35 is for both captain and co-captain if any. Is me misreading the email or it is a MISleading email? Below is the reply from Metro:

The treasurer prepares one refund per team.

Unlike the past meetings, this one seemed like the desperate housewives: the league asked us what can they do ..

  • Pls don’t say ‘you suck’ to new player’s face .. refer them to us, we’ve a better way to suggest them to a lower flight
  • don’t take advantage of new captains because they don’t know anything – the league lost two teams. Didn’t offer how.
  • There is a pool of new players looking to play. What can we do for you to take  some of them on? One suggested make them into a team – not bad idea – that’s how I started on a team with newbies.
  • This year (or last season?) the Treasure has US$10,000 to refund
  • Metro has cash flow problem
  • Would you be willing to pay $38 or $39 per match next season to extend playing time to 2-hour (currently $31 for 1.5 hr)


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