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The hockey nomad goes to Russia

This documentary about a Canadian musician and fan of ice hockey (Dave Bidini)  who went to search for some action in Russia is pretty good, 52 min long YouTube. It’s made in 2005. The little cute blond boy who lost his brother, in the interview is Evgeny KUZNETSOV, the Washington Capitals’ forward now. His view of How We Play Hockey in Russia, written Dec 28, 2015.

Tales From Abroad: Russia by Ryan Whitney, a retired pro, on Jan 11, 2016, told his short tenure in Russia. “NHL is heaven.” oh my.

And the ice hockey stickers on the car windows.

IMG_0899 IMG_0898

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The Chinese pair advanced

They’ve similar physique and played a closely contested match. The Chinese team led 5-3 in the second set but lost at 5-7. Their outfits are nice. Two women’s doubles team – One pair has something on their back and the other front. Good match to watch @ Australian Open 2016

image image image image image image

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