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Americans in London on 4th of July

Today’s American winners @ Wimbledon:

  • Venue
  • Serena
  • Maddy Keys
  • Mackenzie McDonald
  • Sam Querrey

Americans in London – Happy 7.4 🍷 🍻 . In the past, July 4th was usually the final – the saying went – Who’ll be the King of England. 今天是国庆 5个🇺🇸球员赢了 另外两个没有打完. 5⃣是新面孔 McDonald 麦当劳 希望有发展


For a decade, from 1992 to 2000, American men dominated the tennis. Out of nine years, eight years won by American men in singles. Seven went to Pete Sampras. Andre Agassi won 1992. 不知道是不是天气的关系现在温网开始的比较迟. 九十年代国庆前后是决赛了- 那时的口号是 who’ll be the king … 男单1992-2000 8年都是🇺🇸人赢. 93和99是 all American final. Pete Sampras 赢了其中7🏆 帅… 风水轮流转.



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