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4 bags

1-2, very close.

Yesterday FT published an interview of Roger Federer, on his plane to a tourney to Madrid – You cannot be alone at the top. Well written.

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Bad personality

Dominic Thiem said of Serena when he was kicked out of press room, to make room for Queen Serena … Of course Serena didn’t do it. In fact, she asked for a smaller room or she could come back later. “It’s rude” she said to the French Open (2019) office.

But the Frenchies probably felt that she just lost her third round, the immediate press conference might be more interesting. So, they told Thiem to get lost. So Thiem said, without trying to find out the truth, that Serena has bad personality. (Actually, not just Thiem, this blogger spent 9 minutes talking about this incident, without trying to find the truth first.)

Then when Thiem finally realized that he made an axx out of himself, he offered to play mixed doubles with Serena.


What do you think you’re, Thiem? you should be the one being picked. You’ve won no grand slam at all… Oh boy.   

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