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6-2, 4-4

An hour of doubles, after a decent snow fall two days ago. The roads are all cleaned.

My partner asked me if my town got snowed, it brought back the past snow-fighting memories. It seemed, the 2010 was a year with many big snow stormed but the nuts we are, as soon as the offices closed early, they didn’t come home first but call for tennis. The first two were taken on Feb 10, 2010 and the last one was on Dec 26, 2010.

🎾 6-2, 4-4 🎾 没完没了

俺搭档说起大雪 俺说这点❄️真不大
1⃣️2⃣️是二月雪 好多公司11点左右就关门了. 他们不是急着回家 而是☎️俺 “快快快 找球场…” 真有人开门 订了一个还不够 八个神经病[呲牙]. 幸好路上空空荡荡 记得四轮都打滑[捂脸][闭嘴]

不傻帽几次 怎么行 [得意]

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