unSportsmen of the year

phelpsYaaaaaa … you go Michael Phelps!!! He just break 50 seconds in the 100-meter butterfly, clocked in at 49.82 at the world swimming championships in Rome. Milorad Cavic also broke 50 seconds, but 49.95 only got him a silver—and plenty of words to eat. Cavic still believes he won in Beijing, and mocked Phelps’ swimming suit .. .. he must be a cool joker

Serbia’s Milorad Cavic is the term one would likely to read in the media about Milorad Cavic who’s born in Anaheim, California in 1984. It feels bit odd. Maybe they have stronger nationalism than Irene .. OR the American swimming team has too many stars.

Ok, enough of geography.. here’s another dude ..

After winning the Tour, Alberto Contador said he

I have never admired him [Lance Armstrong] and never will.

They were Astana team teammates.

Legstrong is very admirable. Beat cancer and won the Tour de France seven consecutive times. The saddest thing is when one doesn’t know the good stuff when he sees one. The ‘admire him not’ proclamation would have a silver connotation IF Contador beats Legstrong’s record. Roger Federer never said nasty thing about Sampras, before or after he broke Pete’s 14 grand slams records. Guess Roger is just a more secure man of that sport. Knowing his place and ability. Needing not to trade on being unsportsmenlike.

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