The first match result, fm 2:3 to 3:2

the world journalOk, the Chinaman 3.5 team is indeed the CATsNY team – Irene doesn’t know and no one cared to correct her, boooo hoooooo.

There are five matches for this weekend at Syracuse. The schedule is as follow:

Fri: 8am match and 2pm match
Sat: 8am match and 11am match
Sun: 8am match

They’ve just played their first match this morning, the 8am one:

WON: Peter Zhuang 1st single from LOST to WON because opponent is disqualified

LOST: Jimmy Wang 2nd single

LOST: Charlie Zhang & Henry Tian 1st double

WON: Ting Zhang & Louis 2nd double

WON: Tom & Donald 3rd double

I might have to drive up north tonight: Mrs. First just called at 11:47am, asking IF I would/could drive them up to Syracuse should Mr. First’s flight from Seattle delayed. The Delta’s scheduled to arrive at JFK at 9:10pm and the last flight out to Syracuse is 10:35pm. IF he arrives on time, The Firsts will take the Jet Blue up immediately.
Embarrassingly, it took a while for slow Irene to understand that she was being asked to drive them both up tonite IF the his flight is delayed, in order for Mr. Firste to play. You have to understand, poor me didn’t go to the fancy school, my brain is just bit dumber and slower, especially when a request doesn’t make much of sense.
Wife: “do you have a car?”
Irene: “??”
Wife: “Andy said we can rent a car …”
.. ..
Wife: “we can share the driving.”
Irene is wondering can he actaully rest while a woman is driving?
My first thought, wow, how exciting, Irene gets to drive. Golfer won’t let me drive – because he feels more tiring when I’m at wheels – JK; guess golfer is a man and acts like a man.
In fact I don’t like to drive. I drive only when I have to.
Irene: “It’s ok .. ” I replied factiously. I really don’t know how to say no, and used up my life quota on my children. Wrong decisions.

Wife: “our car makes funny noise, so I don’t feel comfortable driving it.”

I have to stand by.

Correction: Mr. First is still working but his wife is not. Mr. First is attending a conference out West.
Wife: “he missed the earlier flight [6:34am], so he’s waiting for the noon flight.”

Irene’s thinking: wow, some dedication. Waiting at the airport for 6 hours.

Last night, DQ spent the entire evening handling Mr. First’s requestssss. Among them, was a driver to drive up. .. ..
Mr. First had a wish list:
Wish 1: since the gang of four (4 of us) is leaving early tomorrow, he wanted us to pick him up tonight to drive up. The driver flatly refused.
Wish 2: Mr. First asked DQ to rent a van so another player could drive them all up. The player said no becasue the other player already had a plan that’s leaving right after work. She gave him the other player’s e-mail to arrange themselves. Apparently that didn’t work out.
Wish 3: …. hmmmmm let’s me see … there is this pooor thing … let’s call this sucker up …

Don’t think Irene is so hot. She’s being put on the map only due to others refused.

Having a 4.0 player playing singles on a 3.5 team isn’t something 3.5 boys should be proud of. Be a man and say no to bully. If someone like to 跳草裙舞 – in Hong Kong lingo, then let him or her dance.

Behind every successful story there IS a story

Correction: Mr. First played on a 4.0 team and beaten the best 4.0 player in singles but he’s ranked 3.5. A player could play up but not down.

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  1. Skipper said

    Correctemundo! Having a solid 4.0 player on the 3.5 team is really nothing to be proud of; could be borderline shameful, but there could be two…and how do I know this? I have a habit of checking player’s and opponents historical USTA computer records, especially the one’s I’ve never heard of.

    If our 3.5 boys win up north without the help of Mr. First, it would be a true and honorable victory. Perhaps an asterisk should be added if First shows up.

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