Hu Na 胡娜 or 胡闹

On the way to meet the Beijing club yesterday, the four of us talked about Chinese tennis players. One of them asked if we still remember Hu Na.

So funny. I thought about her too recently.

According to this friend who’s husband learned his tennis while attending Zhongshan University in Guangdong Province, from Hu’s coach.

Apparently after the asylum episode, the coach was being reprimanded, demoted from coaching the national team. .. .. But he still had a job 🙂

My gut feeling was that she harbored no political ambition at all, rather than economical one. Golfer and I jokingly called her 胡闹 hu’nao run wild; be mischievous.

Later that morning, we met up with a club traveling from Beijing to New York. One of the members said he met Hu Na few times in Beijing. That she’s coaching in Taiwan.
“Cashing on her fame or she’s indeed a good coach?” I wondered.
It seemed all the old grudges had forgotten, or she wrote multiple repenting letters like that movie starlet Bai Ling of Red Corner fame?
This delegate member (who asked not to be identified) denied that Chinese government had demoted the coach.
“Is she married? Any children? .. .. how does she like Taiwan .. Moving back to China eventually? .. ”
The member demurred, “I didn’t ask .. that’s too personal .. ”

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