Oh my ..

match pointI’m speechless.
why did Serena always get screwed by the linemen/officials? There should be a clear rule that prohibits a match be decided on a foot fault or by chair umpire.

The initial foot fault that began the fireworks was a terrible call. It was unconscionable. It cannot be made at the end of any match, let alone in the semifinals of the U.S. Open. This isn’t because a foot fault is a ridiculous call at that juncture (even though it is). It’s because it wasn’t a foot fault. The replays show that Serena’s foot was behind the line when she served. You could make the argument that it was close but not close enough to make the call.

Serena has been conducting herself graciously on court, I just couldn’t believe she’d lost her cool so badly. This isn’t the first time she’s been wronged at US Open. It was her tourney to lose and she lost it .. ..

Just saw the news flash indicating Serena is fined US$10,000.

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