Serena is on fire at the Women’s Doubles Final

Serena and Venus Williams disposed the number 1 doubles team Cara Black and Liezel Huber 2 and 2 – 6:2, 6:2. Their third major this year (only lost the French) and their last US Open was 10 years ago.

The match was very exciting – show more doubles games please!!! Aside from wonderful hands at net – ping pong volleys, clean passing shots, they whacked balls hard at each other. One male commented wondered that you may lose a friend that way. The court side commentator, the Aussie said there wasn’t many other angle you could hit to when one stays so close to the net.

Simon sometimes would say to me, not to hit to the net person. The truth is
1. I’m lazy – often the case – not moving my feet
2. have nowhere else to hit to
3. I don’t have much control

I have no desire to hit anyone. Yesterday I got hit on my banded up arm. The guy held up his hands to apologize. No need. Honestly, I wasn’t tad mad, not at all. The first thought hit my head was,
“Oh, Irene, move your feet.”

Ding and I have been winning a lot lately. He thinks that my game has improved a lot. It’s getting harder and harder to have all your body parts work at the same time: wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, back, ankle .. mine are having truce at the moment, so I treasure the opportunity and play well.

The sisters earned US$420,000 from Olympus, and one trophy from Tiffany. How do they split the trophy?

You’ve got to see the trophy ceremony. Patrick Mcenroe is an terrible by pressing Serena. Was he trying to give her an outlet or egging on her?
Did anything changed in the last 48 hours?” then reduced to 24 hours
Serena laughed. Finally it’s Venus took over and said .. ..
“I think the crowds says let’s move on Patrick ..” that ended the interview.
What was he thinking? Out of line there.

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