Be quiet .. I don’t give a shit

Chair umpire: “.. .. Be quiet.”
Roger Federer “.. .. I don’t give a shit .. ..”
Wow.. Men’s Singles Final is in progress, between Juan Martin Del Potro and FedEx.
One set apiece.
Del Porto broke Rog and was serving at 4:3. But couldn’t hold. Rog broke back and the last point that gave Rog 5:4 was questionable. Del Porto decided to challenge the call long after 2 seconds has passed; and Rog walked to his chair. Players have two seconds to file a challenge.Rog .. “I wasn’t allowed to challenge after two seconds. The guy takes like 10 every time.”
“Be quiet,” The umpire told Federer.
That irrated FedEx
“You have any rules? Don’t tell me to be quiet, ok? When I want to talk I’ll talk, all right…I don’t give a shit what he said, ok?”
I think he has Serena’s incident in mind.
Mary Carillo commented that it’s joke for no coaching:
“Everyone cheats.” They all look up to their coach.
“Whom would you turn to?”
The 2-second rule is to cut down the chance to consult with coach.
I’m not sure now, but for a long time, Roger didn’t have a coach.
4th set, tiebreak.
Del Potro’s serving.
His first serve looked out. No call.
I think someone from the crowds called out.
Federer approached the chair. After brief conversation, Rog challenged the point.
Del Porto said .. didn’t we just had this 2-second exchange?
He had a point.
But the chair umpire allowed the challenge.
It was out, by a hair distance – but it’s beside the point – why did the chair umpire allow it??
Del Porto did his second serve .. and went on to win the 4th set at 7:4.
US Open is tarnishing its name.
I can’t wait for the Federer trophy ceremony and interview ..

Did anyone feel funny when US Open claimed

A Storybook Ending for Clijsters


I disagree for she didn’t exactly, actually win that match.

5th set: Del Potro leads 3:0. He started the 5th set .. Rog started the previous 4 sets. Hmmmmm…
5th set, 4:1. Del Potro serves. Rog has 10 double faults and 58 unforced errors. He’s playing below himself and looks dare. .. he lost the match at 6:2 5th set.

Ironically, given what’s happened earlier about the delayed challenge, Rog changllened a Del Potro’s first serve after prolonged delay. Del Potro protested. But the chair umpire allowed it anyway.
It was out.
Del Potro went to the line and smacked out a second-serve.

Really, IS THERE any rule at US Open?

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