Widowhood 孤儿寡母

pga.jpgX’mas day at the Hilton Head, played exhilarating tennis with Pumpkin, biked, early morning walk on the beach .. .. in the afternoon, I wanted to take kids for a hot chocolate while waiting for Golfer finishing up his golf. It turned out, nothing opened. How could the caddies work but not a single coffee or food har.jpg store operate? We sat in the rocking chairs looking out to the vast manicured lawn of Harbour Town Golf Course – PGA Tour Golf Courses – which is ranked #2 in the US and #5 in the world, not a single soul was around. Some Christmas, never experienced it before. Talking about dedication. Golf widow isn’t exaggerating and I’ve got two orphans on hand too, :).

This light house that you’ll came up to on the 18th hole is the famed symbol of the Harbour Town golf course, at the tip of the Sea Pines Plantation.

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