WS bonuses

eli.jpgIt’s the bonus time on Wall St and Lucy Kellaway captured the essence dead on: ‘A 28-year-old analyst protested to his boss last week that he really couldn’t live on less than $1m and that a swanky flat had been bought in expectation of something much bigger. “That’s not a bonus! It’s a tip!” .. One banking boss quietly deducts $10,000 from the bonus of anyone who is being too obstreperous. .. ‘ lol .. not sure which is bloodier sport .. look at Manning, the concentration/composure a QB must have.  Just an inch away – instant threat – couple of 300 pounders are getting to you to take you down.  In that split second, he need to find the path for a perfect pass. .. the footballers are made of something entirely else.  NFL really should take the game to play in the Roman Colosseum, the ultimate home.giants-ro.jpg..

now he’ll have plenty time for Jessica.  Hey, Tony, why don’t you take her to my party this Sunday?  Come on over, 6pm sharp .. :))  good food and great companies .. ..

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