Gone swimming

Finally, I made it to the pool 8am this morning!  OMG I still remember how to swim.  Everything looks the same, except the elevator is out of service.  When I left, there was an elder man on wheel chair trying to get down through the stairs.  I did 10 laps, without missing a single flip-turns but over 10 minutes: speed is gone so is my endurance.  Next 10 laps was mixed with breast with free and breast plus few pit stops.  When an annoying man joined the lane, I was about to start my last few laps.  He went ahead.  That’s fine, I didn’t have to work to hard to maintain the lead.  But after two laps, I caught up with him.  And again in another two laps.  So I told him to let me go.  He screamed, “then why didn’t you go?”  The lane is standard, if the swimmer isn’t considerate, it’s very hard for the one that’s behind to pass at the end.  So I gone ahead, swam hard, trying to maintain the lead.  It actually it’s great.   I ended up did straight 20 laps, caught up with him twice more.  I never thought I’d do 40 laps.  After that, I did another 10.  So 50 laps in total.  Wow … not bad for absent for so long .. SO Giants will win too, :-)

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