Plenty time for a mile

I managed 40 laps under 20 minutes!  Total did 78 laps: 40 freestyle, 10 breast, 10 backstroke, 2 breast, 10 free timed at 4:45, 2 breast, 4 free timed at 1:45.  I had little bit more time today, so decided to improve my flip turns.  Thought about Steve‘s stress on streamline – when he demo that on the deck as if he could reach the ceiling, :).  Janet Evans is remembered for her long unconventional strokes and inexhaustible cardiorespiratory reserves – today I tried to stay under the water longer after the turns.  Steve used to pound on me: getting streamlined and should at least get pass the solid blue divider.  I always take a breath almost right after turning – lazy, I suppose.  The pool was empty.  Not sure what accelerated my timing today, was the streamlining and staying in the water longer did the trick?  And hopefully I can keep doing it.

Marge is a cute lady who comes to the pool every day, does 72 laps in about hour or so.  So I nick named her Ms. Mile – 72 laps equals to a mile.  She must be in her 80s, over sized thick glasses make her eyes enormous out of proportion.  Her limps are all bones and skins.  There is a Robert.  At first, I thought they’re a couple.  The first time I ran into Robert by the entrance, I was starlet at how tall he’s, well over 6′.  Guess in the water semi naked, we all look different.  Thank god we have cloth to cover.

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