Tennis elbow

arm.jpgI wasn’t bragging when I said tennis elbow never glanced at my direction.  Perhaps too much tennis at Hilton Head, I felt sharp pain on my right elbow when I served.  It’s a new sensation, and didn’t go away.  Now three months after, although I played from time to time, but only get by with backhand.  I googled tennis elbow symptom, realize that only 17% injury is stemming from playing tennis.  My new found lefty badminton is going well becasue of this.  Lossing mostly, but I’ve won two sets last night.  Last time playing with William, he said soak in the ice water for 8 minutes.  I tried immediately.  It’s hurt not as much as he warned.  I even thought about the winter swimmers, why would they do it: the icey water turned my skin into dark red, but it actually felt good afterward. 🙂

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