A small world

I didn’t get to attend the second match played in Bronx near the Throng Neck bridge because of a dinner in the city. It went well. I got one of Golfer’s foursomes to play and he’s really into it. The funny part is he knew many players way way back. It feels bit incestuous to me 🙂 for he had golfed and tennised with few players on my team. ha ha ha .. a small world.

One of the players on my team, I met her husband when I first came to New York. Since we have the same last name he adapted me as his sis. At time, my pseudo brother was as far away from tennis as water and fire. Couple of years later, the wife joined him with their young son. She too didn’t play tennis. We soon lost touch. Fast forward nearly two decades. One morning I ran into him at Cunningham Park. I was bit surprised. After brief greetings, he said,
“Little sis, let’s play Kai and Sunny.”
My eyes widened. First of all, I didn’t even know he played tennis. Second of all, who were we to challenge those two?
“Don’t worry little sis .. let’s play ..”
About 30 minutes into a set, the rain came. We were on serve.
It turned out, his wife picked up tennis too and they’re both good at it. So good that he is teaching tennis for a living now. Painting is only secondary.

one day the four-some asked me what Golfer’s doing during the winter time since he isn’t playing on my team. Well, he got a stationary bike which he rarely use. But recently he brought new pair of ice skate and is considering joining the local league.

First Doubles: 6:1, 6:4
Second Doubles: 6:4, 6:1
Third Doubles: 6:3, 4:6, 1:0 (10:8)

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