Victor Hanescu

Wow .. I like his style .. single hand back hand is among his tools. It’s first time I saw him playing, at Australian Open at the moment, against Roger Federer.  I thought he’d give FedEx a run of money .. Lanky, tall and tight liped .. but quickly losing 6:2, 6:3, and gave up trying in the third set 4:0. I thought he must be young, but when the camera pulled into bigger portrait, he doesn’t look that young, and too serious. Even the GEICO ad man would crack a smile from time to time.
Prince William just arrived to watch in suit.  For Pete’s sake, it’s a tennis match, second run.  How boring.  He’s balding .. but still looking cute.

P.S. the long winded interview by Jim Courier was entertaining, from diaper to royality and anything in between.

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