Fleece 敲竹杠

cake 1 cake 2 cake 3 cake 4
Can you keep a secret? My only reason to becoming the a captain is: to Qiao zhugang 敲竹杠 my charges. Wait, not blackmail?
What’s the difference?
Look what my constituents have 进贡 jingong .. paid tribute (to a suzerain or emperor). 4 cakes!! I’m not even 50 yet.

Sure they all want to please me 🙂

da bagOh I had fun with this bag. There are so many pockets I was getting lost! Look at this deep hole, like C.I.A.’s hide out. No, it must be Bin Laden’s cave. Where is that dude? Come out, 阿兵 It’s been for a while. Don’t you feel bit bored in there? Be a man. You know, real men don’t hide.
Talking about Mr. Bin Laden, the Jihad .. I really have tough time connecting the innocent boy holding the soccer ball and the young man with the raffle – The Jihadist Next Door. Could it be true that few crave the attention and fame so badly that they would do everything to archive it? Like Richard Heene, who’s to say that Omar Hammami isn’t the Balloon boy who’s gun-toting rebels now? He certainly has found his passion and is living it – however barbaric and horrendous. Has he gotten the fame he’s aching for?
DSCN3690This green on pink fits my crackberry perfectly, as well as my camera. It’s safe to bet that Irene somewhat likes tennis.
Last Friday I played the third match for my LI team. Having drove that far out, just to eat a bagel. What’s da matter with me?! One match I felt there wasn’t any competition but here I was, facing strong opponents but failed to come up with goods.
Mental. All mental.
Almost all my double faults, never came unexpected: they arrive always ceremoniously as I was telling myself, oh no, pls don’t double fault it. Then I would sure DF it, as if I program it. Planted it.

Pretty sick, isn’t it?

My Queens team’s standing as of Jan 31. Please don’t Charlie me, it’s Irene’s Angels. Thanks pretty women.
三个女人一台戏 .. hmmmmmm… what would five do?
team standings as of Jan 24, 2010 Pretty Women

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