A good bag day

a good bag dayThe Americans like to say having a good hair day when things are all aligned. Well, I just had a good bag day last night: another teamy sweeping victory, third in a row –

#1 doubles: 6-3, 6-3
#2 Doubles: 6-2, 6-3
#3 Doubles: 6-2, 6-3

Here is what my partner had to say (the amount of bribe to him will not be disclosed here)

I was impressed by Irene Eng’s play and I think it was one of her best performances (only played w her twice tho). Her serves, strokes and court coverage were great. She hit an underhand drop shot serve for an ace and she hit a Serena-like full swing volley fm near the baseline for a winner. Both shots caught the girl off guard. Irene only served 1 double fault while I served 4. Like Bill said, maybe she should be coaching and yelling at me instead.

I was actually capable of doing all that?!?! Unbelievable. To be honest, I didn’t know what I did out there except the ‘ace’ that caught the girl off guard. I felt bit sneaky even she was ready to receive. I’ve been serving few underhands lately, one to ease my shoulder and two to mix it up. Our opponents were very confident and they haven’t lost a match yet. So I decided to serve an underhand to rattle them a little. As it turned out, they were very good sportsmen although not much of competition. I was also curious to see how they react: I agree it’s kind of odd. But nevertheless it’s a league play, be serious and ready from get go.

team standings, as of  Jan 26 2010We had a situation last night. The first emergency call came in at 7:38 as I was on the massage table with 30+ minutes left. I had debated whether go to swim or massage before the game. Guess my decision was right. If I were to swim, they couldn’t reach me at all. The reception at the salon was poor and the calls were mounting. I was embarrassed: the massage area is quiet with new age soft music in the background. I was disturbing others. The masseur handed me his iPhone to answer. I got up and went outside.
Kids, can Mommy Eng steal a moment of tranquility, without being disturbed? .. .. Sigh … guess not. One of my five players might not be able to make it to the NTC by 9pm: mediating some important matter (like how much Bernie Madoff has to pay or if $9,000 per day is a livable amount). Does anyone realize time passes extremely fast during a crisis? After few phone calls, we were able to have Kai and Sandy to come. That’s 8:02.

When we trickled into the National Tennis Center, guess what? Mr. Mediator was grandly practicing his serves on court #10. He got there before all of us after all.

Putting this little catastrophe aside, we played with our original line up. The subs sat and watched. Cap Bill was on hand too. What a close knit team we have! I’m very grateful.

The swimming or massage is my way to relax/warm up before a game. Wai is a cool joker and great partner for me who likes to talk non stop. Last time he was out playing, his partner almost told him to shut up because players two courts away heard him, and were annoyed. So Wai isn’t for everyone but Irene :). I think I got Bill’s tacit permission to keep him all to myself. I just feel I could do no worry on court with him around.
It was a relaxing match, with my teammates perching over on the balcony. The opposing team didn’t put up a big fight. Well, our teammates did a good job too.
In the middle of the match, Wai’s love interest came. He took out the newspaper and ran to her. The three of us just stood there and watched. Little lovesick ..
I’m getting old: I’ve met his P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) few months ago and she called few times to set up an appointment for other things but I didn’t follow up on it neither remember her. Sorry, senior moment. His PYT is really outgoing and can hold her own, great. Now Wai, may we have your full attention?

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