A parasite

There is a cute dialogue took place in the bar in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the movie Dim Sum, one of the patrons said to the Uncle the bar tender:
“You can take a girl out of Chinatown but you can’t take Chinatown out of the girl.”
Is that right?
Suppose you can take a girl out of China but can’t take China out of her? But didn’t Chairman Mao said that women can carry half the sky? How come I choose not to???

My second match with my Long Island team, lost 2 and 4. Ian and I practiced once and we did well: winning 6:2 against our strong teammates. Our opponents tonight Carlos and Darlene knew Ian well, they played together as teammates. The pair conjured up bright smile (especially the girl who has big grin, 笑的好灿烂. She has on a very pretty outfit, I was going to complimenting her but didn’t: I don’t really like empress dress style), acted confidently. So I thought, well, we certainly have an equal chance.
Her forehand was lethal and his serves were deadly.
Quickly we found ourselves in a hole.
Most times, my game could be lift up a notch by a better opponent. But it didn’t happen this time. Ian said little to me. Perhaps it’s his style but I felt he wasn’t there for me. Trust is the most important ingredient in a doubles team. I have to admit that I wasn’t too confident even Ian carried most load. Maybe I’m just 仗势欺人zhangshi qiren: bully others on the strength of one’s powerful connection or position – up to no good, only rely on better partner to win a match. I let them to have the control, gave them the edge.
Irene could only 借威作副.

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