Roger Federer cheats?

MELBOURNE, Australia — Roger Federer. Greatest tennis player of all time. General nice guy.


Blasphemy, I know. But he did break rules Wednesday in his quarterfinal victory over Nikolay Davydenko at the Australian Open, and the move seemed to turn momentum his way.

What did he do? Federer went to the bathroom.
After the match, he explained why:

“When the sun comes from the side, the ball seems half the size and is just hard to hit. I never take toilet breaks, but I thought ‘Why not?’

I just hoped that with every minute it took, the sun would move another centimeter.”


Oh well ..

Daniela Castillo and Fernando Gonzalez Baby Ali, Tsonga dude made to the semi-final. He’ll face Federer next. Andy Murray is waiting for his opponent, either Roger or Jo-Wilfred for the final.

Two Chinese dolls made to the semi, one of them lost a close match – Li Na, both in tie break to Serena. That means Madam Williams will face another Belgian who came out of retirement in the final. Hold your temper, please and bring home the trophy.

Daniela Castillo, Fernando Gonzalez’s girl friend is very pretty. Did she date F-1 driver Lewis Hamilton at one point?

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