Years ago Jennifer Capriati gave an interview in which she mentioned her coach had encourage her to use her sneakers to squeaker on court to annoy Gabriela Sabatini. I was annoyed, it beneath decency. Although I recognize the value of operating within the limit but gamesmanship is really, at core, cheating. It shouldn’t be employed don’t mention being encouraged.

Every sport has it etiquette and unsportsmanlike conducts. Quick to my mind:

.. Cough in golfing
.. the battler would step out side of the batting area when he sees the pitcher was ready
.. Ice hockey even instituted the Avery Rule to prevent abuse
.. tennis .. there are plenty. But try this one: your opponent serves behind your back.

What on earth was the server thinking? Impatient? Intimidating?

It happened to me twice this past Sunday in a mixed doubles game: I went to pick up the ball after first serve was out. The loss ball was creeping back from the wall and stopped between the baseline and the wall. It bothers me a great deal. Seriously, how could the server not to see I wasn’t even at the baseline? Quick serve? I don’t think so. Poor sportsman conduct.

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