A new pool in Flushing

A little sorrow reminder that we lost 2012 Olympic to London, but this pool at Flushing Meadow near the US Open is great.  Check it out.  I felt like idiot that the whole thing built right under my nose and I had no idea.  I pulled into the parking lot under the high way, did I spot it – I drove by there hundred times!  As I walked toward the door, I couldn’t contain my joy, greeting everyone that crossed my path, they must think that I’m an escapee from the mental hospital.

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It’s very similar to the one at Eisenhower Park, modern and spacious, and divided into small sections!!  So quintessential American.  It has the largest land and biggest wallet and their swimmers bring home gold, yet their pools are normally half the standard Olympic size: I just don’t get it!!!!  Pls some one light me up on this???

Jan 12, 2011

Jan 12, 2011

The locker room is small, feeling jammed with few small lockers!  I only got to do 20 laps because got to go to meet my Park Aveneue guy.  The wait to get a membership was long, even there weren’t that many applicants.  Now I’ll have a place to swim while the one I usually go to is under face lift – 塞翁失马 奄之非福?




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