A trick

At last week’s lesson, coach Dai told girls there’s one trick that kids employee: late calling serve out, when the two failed to call out each others serve loudly and in a timely fashion.
Pumpkin delivered a serve that’s 3 inches out. Bev returned it. Pumpkin didn’t know if to continue or stop. Then she lost the point.
Dai called the girls over, explained:
“Many kids use this as a tool to cheat. When the serve’s out, they’ll return it and when it felt going out, then would they call it out. Otherwise they’ll insist it’s in. It’s good.”
He said .. “to continue to play as it is a good unless the opponent calls it out.”
The two are friends; neither them are crafty enough to cheat. They knew each other since toddlers. Pumpkin used to call Bubbly since she was too young to pronounce her name correctly. I guess it’s bit hard asking them to call out on each other. They’re not tour pro yet. Just some kids who love tennis, and doing it recreationally.

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