Heading to Flushing is a joy now, even it is still dirty, crowded and smell bad.  The new pool made me eager to go.  The locker is very jammed, short benches were always full with bags and stuff, we basically got on top of each other!  The floor is always watery.  A cleaner comes in from time to time, she does it pretty nastily, splatter all over the place.  That reminds me of the new Equinox opened in our town.  that I tried out.  The cleaners would mop away a single sweat quickly and quietly, as if they were invisible.  Of course, there is the initiation fee $150 and $110 per month ..

When it first opened, the water heater wasn’t working, the water was cold.  To me, it’s heaven, not only I had the pool all to myself, I even shed couple of minutes off of my 40 laps run – that’s a lot.  I was just about to join, then on the fouth day, the heater worked properly and the temperture jumped to 85° or so, aqua classes began and many walkers started to show up.  So that ended my run.

Back to Flushing pool.  It’s only $75 per year, bring your own shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and towel. Oh, no steam room either. .. .. some slow swimmers would clog the lane!  Don’t they have the slightest of coutesy?  Many Asians.  Haven’t seen this many naked Asian women and Speedos.  Why Americans don’t like Speedo?

When I took the kids to swim in Beijing, one young guy working there seemed very friendly to us and volunteered to help King.  But on our third visit there, he was bit annoyed, “ok, this is the last time I’ll allow him to wear this shorts.”  King had on a bright yellow bathsuit – long, baggy like homeboy.
“?? This IS a swimsuit.” I told him.
He’s mad now. “What do you take me for? Haven’t I been nice to him?”
“You think I don’t know any better? .. Just becasue you’re from America? .. ..”
Lord, wait a second. I wasn’t thinking. Looked around the pool, everyone had those speedos, if not the Speedo, it would still be tight, short and slinky..  So the next day I bought him a Speedo.  And I was told “Mom, it’s too small!”

It seems only US uses inches and the rest of the world is using metrics ..the Americans use pj for swimming, while the Europeans and Asians are into the sexy and slinky Speedos, And it’s American men getting caught while their pants down.  Hmmmm ..

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