A sneaky Indian

I know many people (across a wide range of ethnic groups) don’t like Indians, because they’re sneaky. They have the caste system, and they had the British. From time to time, I found some Indians to be hard to swallow.

This morning, we were having a doubles at Andy’s court, an ungated condo community south of LIE. There are only four courts, we were on the second. The door that’s behind our court opened, three men looked like three generations came in. They left the door open and walked toward the court to the left most. I found people to be rude in this manner, regardless they know the tennis etiquette or not, but common sense would have that you opened a closed door, after entering it, you close it. Isn’t this courtesy universal? As usual, I said,
“Please close the door, Sir. Thank you.”
They paused. Kevin who’s closer to the door opposite from me, retreated few steps and closed it.

As we regrouped, getting ready to serve/receive, the middle aged man came over with a smile but asked condescendingly,
“Are you the owner of this place?”
As we stopped, stood up (from waiting positions), he fired away,
“If you’re only a guest here, you should be extra nice.”
Sorry Andy, if I have brought any trouble.   Doors to the courts are locked, and every owner that paid their due receive a key.  We’ve been playing there for three years. And 98% of time we were the only players.
“How do you know that I’m not an owner?” I asked.
“Because I’ve never seen you here.” Did this sound stupid? It’s a large compound.
“Which unit are you in?” He continued. Uhhhhh it’s getting ugly.
“Are you checking?  Where are you from?” Andy cut in.
“Do you have the right to check?” I challenged.
Threateningly he replied with a snarl, “ok, we’ll see” then walked back to his court.

I found the little mean man’s questions, especially the opening one to be very coarse and low. Is he just migrated from a jungle or inner city – please allow me to borrow Putin’s phrase, a little bit savage still or just climbed down from the trees? We have plenty public and private courts around the other side of LIE, and never question our fellow players. I’ve never seen an owner posting such rude comment to another in an association or club setting. What I found him to be distasteful is he’s wrong and get caught, instead of learning from the short coming, he wanted to have a fight. Man – both male and female – of decent education and upbringing, wouldn’t start a senseless fight. Doesn’t short man have larger ego?

Andy commented that perhaps he didn’t like the fact that a woman was telling him what to do. Possible.  Knee-jerk reaction?  It wasn’t a call out, by any measure!  Sweetheart, if you’re so good, then be perfect, dot your Is and Ts.

They left the court earlier than we did, and of course left the door open. This isn’t the way to have the last laugh.  It further proved that you’re a savage, need to have the dirt washed out of your beards and hair.  We had the last laugh, shorty.
.. ..
.. ..

In all fairness, one of our 4-some would ask Andy for his key when Andy went on vacation. Reluctantly I played once then stopped. It wasn’t right. I would feel deeply embarrassed should the association come to check.

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