I played three really good – almost great – sets this late afternoon, 6:4, 6:2 and 6:0. Many points were won by lobbing. And I actually used my brain, because my left wrist was in pain since Tuesday night’s badminton .. so no backhand – handicapped. By the way, my lefty badminton has gone pretty good since this January. My right arm is getting better but to reduce over use, I continue my lefty adventure. It seems that I’ll use my birdy brain only when I have to compensate for some handicap or misfortune. Guess men are born decent but lazy, :). Might I pls have the use of my both arms at the same time? It’s getting harder and harder.  Thank god my threadhole for pain is very sufficient. Last week I had the service of my left wrist, so my backhand worked well, but lost a very close set, 8:6 tiebreak. Heart breaking. We had two set points!


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