Chanel does tennis

Tennis Anyone? The fashion business seems to be a resounding “yes”. Why did it take so long? Tennis outfits – for girls – have always been there. Can you name a outfit or brand for badminton? I bet many girls start to play tennis are due to the cute white dresses or skirts. It’s part of my reason, in spite of the heavy racket (compare to badminton’s).

Wimbledon’s just started.  The top 4 male/female players are the same as in French Open, in slightly different order.  Where are the Americans??  I miss the period when Sampras faced off Agassi on Sundays .. the commentators or the media would dab it as Who’l be the King on July 4th – corny but hey, I wouldn’t mind to see that again.  I just love Sampras (who’s nature serve and volleyer) more than Federer.  Manner wise they’re very similar, quiet and composed (so is John G. Roberts), very cool and sexy – the way a man should be.  

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