Publicly pubic

A couple more odd scenes at the pool:

– A fair skinned Asian lady in a red bathing suit facing the pool, tucking in her pubic hair.
– My locker is always opened or ajar when I returned. As I said before, the locker rooms are small, so are the lockers. Only few full lengths. I don’t lock it, so I would guess that someone has opened it to use only found it’s been taken. Fine. But would you please close it?
– Oh boys .. many mothers bring their sons, young and old. I think I have the right to complain, because I have a son too and I brought him to swim when he was very very young. He used men’s locker. Worried about it? Ask a guard to help him out. Too many breasts and pubic hair might hindered his development. Ok, just kidding.  Seriously, on a more selfish side, would you subject your own son to all of those???  Would you please be considerate to other girls and women??? – There’s a sign written in Chinese (beside English) but I do see other young boys of other race.

I asked the manager of the facility if there is something I can help.  Obviously the lifeguards are doing their best, but not getting result.  Many swimmers just claiming they don’t understand English – I suspect some do and some don’t, using it as convenient way to disobey.  There are signs for each lane.  Perhaps the pool could make the sign more visible and dedicated only 3 lanes to fast, 3 medium and 4 slow?  Make it into multiple languages as well?  Few Chinese acting rude reflect badly upon all of us.  The manager gave me the commissioner.  So, we’ll see.

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