The little white dress

The left is the little Zheng Jie (5’5″) from Sichuan who upset Ana Ivanovic, 6:1 and 6:4. Yuan Meng exited in the first round, won the first set at 7:6 (9:7), but then lost 6:3 and 6:0. How far can Zheng go?

It’s so much fun to watch it with Pumpkin! Oh heaven.. she’s quite a knowledgeable tennis bum.  We kibbitzered together, screamed together, popping fists together, ya and ouuuu together .. we all found Venue’s dress although pretty, but felt the strap is too thick and wide, and the skirt part should have been straight, like the tube.  Now we’re wishing for the sisters to meet at the final next Saturday.  They should.

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