Times on tennis

The Federer vs. Nadal last Sunday at Wimbledon was an epic match. Times sports section usually does a good job. But what is this editorial trying to do here? Can’t you leave the fun to the sports writers who knows their stuff, or at least not losing us? Giving tennis a new topography? .. what are you talking about??

The rain delays did us wonder.  Thought the match would be over when we got back from the Berkshires.  But it didn’t!  We watched the fifth set screaming our lungs out, Pumpkin and I.  We were both for Roger.  Actually I didn’t mind that Nadal won.  Thank lord was not the pig Sergio García who hasn’t won a major yet. Nadal brings to mind ‘brute’.  Marat Safin jokingly said Nadal’s running like a rabbit, :), .. but he’s very likable kid, minors the G-string.  Is he losing his hair already? 

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