An ace

Yuppppy, I served an ace. I haven’t served in a long time, thought I don’t know how by now. Had few double faults but managed to win the Canadian doubles. Feeling great. My right arm is ok. Tuesday night at badminton, Jordan (the older) Fan was there too. He left at end of last year to get married. During his absence, my right arm’s in pain, so I started to play with my left. When my left wrist got hurt (how???), I began to play with my right arm again. He joked, “oh .. sorry .. now you’ll need to play with your foot ..” We played well and won all our sets, except the last one, a 7-point game. By then I was just too tired to even move.  He’s been going to Sam’s game on Mondays/Fridays and trying to get me going too.  It’s too far and parking is hard.  This morning I had good tennis game too. More double faults than I’d like, but I held all my serves.

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