The Asian parents ..

Michelle Wie has just skipped a Ladies major in order to play with the boys. She has never won a title with the girls. Many people, pros or fans feel the PGA – men’s tour should have a rule to require girls have to win five Ladies’ title before she could qualify for the boy’s tour. I think that’s a good start. Before her first major win, Danica Patrick faced pressure too, but was not the same kind. There isn’t a ladies racing league.  (My advice to Milka Duno .. win a race before throw in your towel !!)

People are blaming the bad advice Wie’s getting from her parents. David Remnick profiled Lang Lang for the New Yorker 8/4 issue, under the title The Olympian. In which he recounted when Lang was studying at the Curtis, his father was very controlling .. once Lang’s teacher Gary Graffman said to him that
“You are worse than a Jewish mother.” 🙂 .. 
Lang came out on top.  Not sure Wie would have the same fate (or luck).

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