When hotels fly

After votes, my team opted out the official hotel Marriott in Albany that cost $114 per night (with discount) the league has designed and went with hotwire.com. We got Hilton that’s 1.3 miles away instead, cost $56.
“Does breakfast included?”
No, it’s an extra $11.95.
“Can we have 3 king-bed rooms and 3 double-bed rooms?”
We can’t guarantee.
“Can we be next to each other or close by?”
We can’t guarantee.
The operator reminded me twice that I booked thro hotwire, as if it’s dirtywire.
So what’s the heck can you guarantee? Do you at least guarantee a bed?
There are only two kinds of rooms: king bed and double beds.
She said if they’re sold out .. BUT you aren’t sold out now right? Otherwise why would you ended up on dirtywire for me to book?
Here is an article about hotel cutting corners. I’m sure if hotels fly, they sure would do what airlines are doing. But before you learn to fly, you’ve got to learn how to walk. If you aren’t happy with dirtywire, then don’t put your property on its site.

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