Sam’s Club

You go SAM .. Sam Querrey. The stadium is rocking and he is doing fine. Won the second set 7:5, and just broke Nadal back at 4:4 and just held serve, leading 5:4 the third set.

The American sport commentators are fair and most of them are worldly. I just couldn’t forget one tourney that held in Europe one year. Pete Sampras was playing someone, a human obviously. He had won US Open and with few injuries he didn’t conquer the tennis world as I thought he would. But, Pete was Pete, he was a great player and was dominating that match. I was in Frankfurt and watched it in frustration: the European male commentator would be silent if the American made a marvelous shot and talked his head off when Pete’s opponent won, a, point. The victory was landslide.

People, let’s cheer for Sam.  You dude, make my dream come true so that at least a pair all American quater final.

Nadal wears a flaming red Capri and still does his G-string thing.

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